SuperMap Product

Desktop Terminal

It is a desktop GIS application and development software with 2D &3D integrated data management and processing, editing, mapping, analysis, 2D &3D plotting and other functions. It supports charts, online map service access and cloud resource collaborative sharing, which can be used for production, processing, analysis of geospatial data and rapid customization development of industrial application systems. See more

Cloud GIS Server

Cloud GIS application server is based on high-performance cross platform GIS kernel. It provides full-featured GIS service publishing, management and aggregation functions, and provides multi-level expansion and development.

It provides powerful web services for geospatial big data, GeoAI and 3D to support massive vector/raster data "slice-free" publishing.

It deeply integrates microservice and docker layout, provides a variety of SDKs to build big data, AI and 3D GIS application systems based on cloud native architecture. See more

Edge GIS Server

Edge GIS server, which is deployed near the client or the data source side, is to achieve near-by service publishing and real-time analysis and calculation, reduce response latency and bandwidth consumption and reduce the pressure of cloud GIS center. It provides efficient service publishing capabilities and supports the rapid release of massive vector data.

It can be used as the edge node between the cloud and application terminals of GIS. By using service proxy aggregation and cache acceleration technology, it can effectively improve the terminal access experience of cloud GIS, and provide the ability of intelligent content distribution and efficient edge analysis and calculation, and help to build a more efficient and intelligent "cloud-edge-terminal" GIS application system. See more

Mobile Terminal

It is a full-featured mobile GIS SDK that supports 2D&3D application development, online/offline applications and offline applications. See more

Web Terminal for Development

The cloud GIS web client development platform is based on the modern Web technology. It is the unified Javascript client for the SuperMap cloud GIS and online GIS platform products. See more

Components Terminal

A large-scale full-component GIS development platform. See more