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Electrical Vehicle Charging Location

Updated: Jul 28, 2023

According to the IQAir website, Indonesia is ranked 9th in the world of countries with the worst air quality in the world with an air quality index of 114 in 2020. With an air quality index of 114 in 2020, at this index the average air quality in Indonesia is at the level of "Unhealthy for sensitive groups". The biggest contributor to air pollution is vehicles using non-renewable natural resources, fossil fuels. So a solution emerged to deal with the problem of air pollution and limited natural resources in the form of petroleum, namely using renewable fuels by using vegetable oil fuels, or using electric-powered vehicles.

The Indonesian government has launched the acceleration of the battery-powered electric vehicle program through Presidential Regulation no. 55 of 2019 and the realization of the regulation needs to be implemented and developed immediately. Socialization and development of infrastructure that supports electric vehicles will increase public interest in electric vehicles as a substitute for fossil fuel vehicles whose numbers in the world are dwindling and can run out along with their massive use in Indonesia. At the same time, the provision of charging facilities also needs to be developed optimally to keep up with the growth of existing electric vehicles.


Grid Scoring Analysis

SuperMap iDesktop helps process spatial data to perform grid weighting analysis with data such as road networks, population density, settlement distribution, offices, shopping centers, existing locations of electric vehicle charging stations, etc.​

Spatial Query

SuperMap GIS technology provides spatial query, and users can customize the query conditions to quickly summarize which area does not contains existing EV charging station, this helping to analyze the trend of the area with higher potential EV charging location.


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