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GIS Software Technology Conference 2017 " Geo-intelligence, Driven by Data" held in Beijing, China.

August 31, 2017 | By Vella Ahalla

The GTC, GIS Software Technology Conference 2017 held on 24th-25th, August is a global conference dedicated to the new technologies like spatial big data, cloud computation, and new 3D GIS with the theme of “Geo-intelligence, Driven by Data”. The conference is hosted by China Association for Geographic Information Society, China Society for Surveying Mapping and Geoinformation, China Software Industry Association, The Geographical Industry of Association, The Geographical Society of China, Institute of Geographic Sciences and Natural Resources, and SuperMap Group. It takes place in China National Convention Centre, Beijing. 

Dr. Xu Guanhua, former minister of Ministry of Science and Technology and academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, addressed the opening ceremony. He believes that GIS is about to enter a new stage of technological department, it will move toward multi-dimesional, intelligent, and dynamic. The conference also set the release of SuperMap GIS 9D, the innovation technology of SuperMap Research Institute. It is a new generation 3D GIS technology, cloud integration GIS technology and cross platform GIS technology to meet the needs of large data applications, new smart city and new mapping applications. The introduction of large data GIS technology will comprehensively enhance the spatial information processing capacity.

The conference hosted the parallel sessions with over 150 presentations and reports being shared, including GIS technology, real estate registration and land resource management, new smart city, new mapping, city big data, BIM and smart facility, military & civil use, smart agriculture, smart transportation, social & economic big data, international business, etc. Thousands of participants attend the conference. The number of participants is far more than expected, with the results that there is no seat left on the conference room as depicted in the picture above. The conference also held some exhibitions on the latest GIS solution and industrial application, showing a leading edge of geographic information technology and leading application feast.

In the international session, there are many GIS experts from China and other countries, GIS software partners, and user share the development of GIS software in each country, exploring the hot issues of GIS software technology, presenting the cases and experience in typical industries as the vision of SuperMap Group to be a global leading GIS provider.

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