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GISTC ASIA 2023: Jakarta, Indonesia

GISTC ASIA 2023, held successfully in Jakarta, Indonesia, was a one-day event hosted at the prestigious Hotel Holiday Inn Kemayoran, Jakarta. The event attracted technology professionals, innovators, and entrepreneurs from across Indonesia, with a particular focus on the Jakarta region. This event was a direct follow-up to the highly successful GISTC 2023, which took place in Beijing, China, in June 2023 and was organized by Supermap Software Co. Ltd. GISTC ASIA 2023 served as an important platform for the exchange of ideas and innovations in the field of spatial technology.

Our objective was to explore the advancements in spatial technology within the Asian region, with a unique conference and exhibition format spanning three key nations: the Philippines, Indonesia, and Thailand. Under the theme "Navigating Tomorrow: Spatial Intelligence and Sustainable Economic Development in Indonesia," GISTC ASIA 2023 provided a valuable forum for sharing knowledge, building partnerships, driving technological progress in Indonesia, and contributing to sustainable economic development while maximizing the role of spatial technology.

During the event, we had the honor of hosting Dr. Song Guanfu, President of SuperMap Software Co., Ltd., as he delivered an inspiring opening address. Dr. Guanfu highlighted the significance of Jakarta as Indonesia's economic center and emphasized the pivotal role of GIS technology in shaping the local economy and its global impact.

Supermap Indonesia proudly presented Dr. Song Guanfu, Chairman and President of Supermap Software, who addressed the participants directly at GISTC ASIA 2023. Additionally, Dr. Agung Indrajit, ST., M.Sc., Head Of Development Planning Data and Information Center at BAPPENAS, graced the event as a keynote speaker. The event saw the participation of esteemed representatives from various companies, including Bank BRI, BINUS University, PT. Hutama Karya, Mahasarakham University, Supermap Indonesia, and Jatelindo Perkasa Abadi Indonesia. They shared valuable insights into the latest technology trends and provided their perspectives on the digital future.

GISTC ASIA 2023 featured engaging plenary and panel discussions and an exciting exhibition showcasing several prominent spatial companies in Indonesia. During the plenary and panel sessions, Nikma Fista, our dedicated Country Business Manager, highlighted Supermap's readiness to embrace multi-dimensionality in technology, spanning from 2D to 5D.

With the conclusion of GISTC ASIA 2023, the spirit of innovation remains alive and well in Indonesia. The event has ignited inspiration and motivation among all participants to continue innovating and shaping a promising digital future. We extend our sincere gratitude to all contributors for their invaluable support in making this event a resounding success. We eagerly anticipate the next GISTC ASIA! Stay tuned for more updates and exciting advancements in spatial technology on our platform.

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